Koinonia envisions a networking of compassionate people connected through our foundational beliefs that all people are created in the image of God and that we are called to live and work toward the common good for all. 


Inspired by Old Testament prophecy and the promise of continuing New Testament fulfillment, this community of believers longs for God’s kingdom to come on earth in the community of Eau Claire, as it is in heaven through prayer and partnerships. 


Koinonia is a movement of people who seek to be a racially reconciling, healing Presence in the Eau Claire community. 

Anchored in our steadfast dependence on God and one another and through the faithful stewardship of Eau Claire Baptist Church, we aspire to: 

  • Develop quality, affordable housing with paths toward home ownership.
  • Facilitate experiences of community (“koinonia”) at a level in which it is indistinguishable as to who is giving and who is receiving.
  • Encourage all individuals to know and celebrate their God-given skills and talents, operating according to the asset-based model.
  • Foster safe environments for children to learn, grow and reach their potential.
  • Promote local economic activity based on community needs.
  •  Be community-driven (with a goal for the majority of our Board and staff living in the areas that we serve) and asset-based (identifying and building on the community’s strengths).

Anchored deep like the tree at the riverside…

Flying in formation together…

so that all may know community = koinonia.

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