Dr. Richard Moore Receives Community Builder Award

"Thanks to a Midlands nonprofit, 60 students in the Eau Claire neighborhood are in the middle of attending a 7-week summer camp.

The nonprofit is called Koinonia, which is Greek for Christian fellowship and is partnering with Eau Claire Baptist Church to provide the camp to students from around Eau Claire at very little cost. The camp’s director Dr. Richard Moore is leading the way without getting paid a thing.

"He's working every day at no charge because we can't afford to pay the camp director,” said Sheila Washington, a board member with Koinonia. “So he has volunteered to be the camp director this summer.”

But Moore, the former Logan Elementary School principal, a 38-year educator and now Koinonia board member wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I think that interaction with the kids on a daily basis, it keeps you young and it keeps you alive and moving and that's important,” said Dr. Moore."

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